Pedestal Picnic Table

Pedestal Picnic Table

If you’re looking for a picnic table that is both flexible and durable enough to last the test of time, then the Pedestal Picnic Table is the right choice for you. This picnic table offers all of the flexibility of a table with an outdoor dining surface. The tables feature a level surface on which to put your plates, along with a waterproof, wipe clean canvas for placing your food and drinks.

The square, round or oval pedestal picnic table offers a comfortable, mobile seating alternative for groups of all sizes. The square foot is perfect for large parties, because it is easier to move than other base contours. But should you not have too much room to work with, the table will be suited to your requirements as it takes up less space. In addition, the rounded tabletop is also less prone to crack under heavy use and can provide a smoother playing surface.

A perforated steel surface mount picnic table permits for the use of all types of plates, while also allowing the user to remove the plates readily. There are two chief types of the kind of picnic table: the typical style and the slim line design. Both styles have the exact same essential features including a rectangular surface, a perforated steel frame and a recessed perforated steel panel. The gap between the two layouts is the elevation of the frame and the amount of spacing between the panels. The slim line design allows for smaller discs, that is advantageous because the table does not occupy as much space.

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