Bird Feeder Wreath

Bird Feeder Wreath – How to Make Your Own

A Bird Feeder Wreath is a fantastic accessory for your bird viewing collection. It provides an excess touch of beauty to your garden and it’s not hard to create. They may be found at most craft stores and in a number of the larger discount shops. I’d recommend that you purchase all of your equipment at the same time, since way you know that you have all the equipment you need. You don’t need to run out as you’re making the bird feeder wreath. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly and read through the entire recipe prior to starting.

The very first thing to search for when you make your own bird feeder wreath will be to make sure your children aren’t using any tough or glue together with the seed. Birds will obviously not touch tough stuff and could possibly chew or rip off smaller pieces. If your children haven’t made this type of wreath before, then check the instructions first if you do want to try it out on your own.

My favourite fruits to use are fresh strawberries, red currants and plums. You will also want to add cut grapes or blueberries, and raw carrots as well. If you are likely to make your own wreath with all these items, I’d suggest having a store bought Bundt pan. It makes it significantly easier to fill up the Bundt pan, and it is possible to experiment with adding different colors of berries and dried fruits. I would recommend having a minimum of a 4-cup Bundt pan in order to prevent having your wreaths spill over onto the table.

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